MDG Estates, High-End Stager & Designer for Celebrities (However, our lips are sealed)

Beverly Hills, CA (January 16, 2014) MDG Estates has been hired by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, sports, music, television, and by billionaires.

The company has been asked, “Why not name the celebrities and publicize that you work with the very wealthy? Why not post and boast on Twitter and Facebook for the world to see?”

pacific palisades celebrity homeThe answer lies within the people and principles of the company. MDG Estates, is owned by a corporation and is operated by Officers and a Board of Directors. Unilateral decisions are not permitted by a single person.

Instead, our collective principles guide our way. To that end, our Board of Directors unanimously voted against such disclosures, and for good reason. Although statements regarding big name celebrity hires would be true, if disclosed, it’s just not right in our opinion. First off, we were not expressly granted permission and I truly doubt that our celebrity clients or their business managers, would want our name attached to theirs, on the Internet. It’s just something we are unwilling to do.

However, without disclosing the names of the celebrities, MDG Estates is willing to confirm that it has worked for one of the most famous screenwriters in Hollywood, staging his Brentwood home earlier this year, listed for over $10 million.

In August, we staged a new landmark estate, in the Pacific Palisades. which sold to one of the biggest names in Los Angeles basketball. In one week!

An MDG Estates officer confirms, “We have been invited into several legendary homes of Hollywood icons, past and present. Then there is the “reality TV show star”. Our interior design division, has been orchestrating and producing world class goods on their behalf since early summer. That particular interior design contract, is valued at over a half million, and counting.

We have a great deal of respect and will always protect their privacy and dignity of the relationship. We remain humble but flattered.”

So with respect to our company policy on celebrity stagings and services, our lips are sealed!

MDG Estates sits atop a solid foundation of people and principle. Its founding members and Board of Directors have decades of experience in staging and Southern California real estate. Our collective principles guide the company’s successful trajectory. We are committed to design excellence and client relations. When walking through an MDG Estates property, you will see and feel a quality and consistency that is undeniable.

MDG Estates is a seasoned and professional home staging company, having staged approximately 150 landmark properties per annum. Although MDG Estates has been hired by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, sports, music, television and by the very wealthy, it has always been our company policy not to disclose by name celebrity hires and services.

Facilitating your next multi-million dollar real estate conveyance is our greatest goal and satisfaction.