MDG Estates, High End Stager, Transforms Celebrity Owned Beverly Hills Property

Beverly Hills, CA (November 23, 2014) – MDG Estates was recently summoned to the 800 block of Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills, to begin the transformation of a landmark celebrity owned property. It has always been our company policy not to disclose by name, celebrity hires and services.

“When we got the call from yet another renowned Beverly Hills brokerage house, I was so excited! And this was more than just a staging, this property really needed our attention. Everyone from our side who worked on the project, was humbled and appreciative of all the compliments we received at the brokers open. It was truly our pleasure,” said Anna Marshall, Principal Designer for MDG Estates.

MDG Estates sits atop a solid foundation of people and principle. Its founding members and Board of Directors have decades of experience in staging and Southern California real estate. Our collective principles guide the company’s successful trajectory. We are committed to design excellence and client relations. When walking through an MDG Estates property, you will see and feel a quality and consistency that is undeniable.

MDG Estates is a seasoned and professional home staging company, having staged approximately 150 landmark properties per annum. Although MDG Estates has been hired by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, sports, music, television and by the very wealthy, it has always been our company policy not to disclose by name celebrity hires and services.

Facilitating your next multi-million dollar real estate conveyance is our greatest goal and satisfaction.