The Recipe To Our Growth And Staging Success; Letter From Our Chief Officer

Beverly Hills, CA (September 27, 2016) – This summer saw the company being featured in the Los Angeles Times, a couple different filmings for Bravo and a booked and usually overbooked staging schedule. Besides the intensity of managing an operation of our size, serving the high end real estate market, much of my day is spent speaking with real estate agents, homeowners and developers. Our revenue has multiplied several times in recent years and if we had a stock it would be skyrocketing! MDG_Logo_emblem
So what has led to this road to popularity and prosperity for our family of companies? Well, I believe that we have become “the answer”, for scores of top agents and homeowners previously dissatisfied and downright distraught, with the level of service and product from other home staging companies. I know this to be true, because this is what I’m being told by new customers that find us online, searching for an answer. Typically within a few short minutes of explaining how and why our staging operation is different, I am already setting up one of the companies principal designers to meet at the property for a job that I know we are about to book. So what is our recipe for success that is converting so many new clients and keeping our existing base happy? I believe our company has been built better! With an established supply chain of new staging inventory that feeds our growth, our clients can rely on the same high end furnishings they are used to getting, project after project. So unlike some of our competitors, we are not at the auctions and estate sales picking up older, less than premium inventory. We don’t stock anything less than premium and custom designs made new from our established supply chain of approximately 15 years. So whether you want those incredible plush tufted seating arrangements, for your living room or low square arm sofa pieces for your family room, our supply-chain is maintained to meet demand! To me, there doesn’t seem to be any other reasonable way to run the business. Otherwise, installing something different than what is in our company’s portfolio section and what we show our clients in photos, is a recipe for disaster and discontent. This very practice, often leads to bad online reviews for our competition. Why would we as a popular home staging business surprise our client anymore than my favorite restaurant would surprise me by not making my order the same way every time? We wouldn’t and we don’t. I truly know that our commitment to our product and service is the recipe for our success. In addition to the care and integrity that my partners and principal designers of our firm conduct themselves with, on a daily basis. Thank you for allowing me to share with you our key ingredients and recipe for success!

MDG Estates sits atop a solid foundation of people and principle. Its founding members and Board of Directors have decades of experience in home staging and Southern California real estate. Fulfilling home staging agreements worth millions of dollars annually, our collective principles guide the company’s successful trajectory. We are committed to design excellence and client relations. When walking through an MDG Estates property, you will see and feel a quality and consistency that is undeniable.

MDG Estates is a seasoned and professional home staging company, having staged approximately 150 landmark properties per annum. Although MDG Estates has been hired by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, sports, music, television and by the very wealthy, it has always been our company policy not to disclose by name celebrity hires and services.

Facilitating your next multi-million dollar real estate conveyance is our greatest goal and satisfaction.